Thrive Pilates

Our studio has been providing Pilates classes since 2010. Tracy and Debbie will help you relieve stress, achieve goals and gain strength and flexibility. We work with each client to provide a program that suits their individual needs. At Thrive, we strive to provide a relaxed studio atmosphere emphasizing "Progress not Perfection".

Benefits of Stott PilatesĀ®:


  • Increased strength without unwanted bulk
  • Increased core strength, stability and peripheral mobility
  • Improved fitness levels which may help prevent injury
  • Greater ease of movement through a full range
  • Heightened body awareness and mindfulness of movement
  • Decreased impact on the joints
  • Added variety as a compliment to other forms of exercise
  • Improved performance of specific sports skills (golf, skiing, hockey, etc.)
  • Enhanced balance, coordination and circulation